Welcome to the wonderful world of CRAMD, I've got a lot of stuff for you! From T-Shirts to Art to Photography to Collectibles, I do a little bit of everything. I am constantly changing, growing, adapting, developing and building so I can bring you as much fresh, new, unique stuff as often a possible. Everything shown is for sale, my work and services are available for personal and business use. Contact mefor any and all inquiries, and let me know what I can do for you.

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I’ve put together an Action, Adventure, Travel, Surf, Skate, Snow, Action Sports lifestyle kind of influenced brand. Welcome to my world!

T-Shirts for sale are unisex mens and womens tshirts, guys and girls tshirts, cool and awesome shirts, funny and fun college humor style shirts, phrase and graphic tshirts, pop culture and celebrity fashion tshirts. T-Shirts and tshirt design are available for personal, commercial and business use, also available for parties, events and private labels. The CRAMD tees offered are mostly American Apparel tshirts and great for gifts.

Photography for sale including photography services and photographer available for commissions providing beautiful pictures, cool photos, awesome fine art photography for home décor and home furnishing, and photography in vintage window frames. Plenty of nature, landscape, seascape, beach, ocean, scenic, travel, adventure, wanderlust, and wildlife images. All real photographs, great for your home or office. Modeling, portrait and event photography, commercial photography, photography for your office, business, company or clients, magazines, media and so much more. Photography available as prints as well as framed, and of course they're great for gifts too.

Art for sale and artist available for commissions providing acrylic paintings, beautiful mixed media artwork, cool woodwork, awesome spray paint art and wood pallet art. Modern contemporary abstract art for home décor, artistic home furnishing, art and paintings for your office and business. Logo and graphic design for your office, business, company or clients. Film and movie poster style art, commercial art, cartoon and other character design and artwork available. These are all real one of a kind paintings and of course great for gifts.

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   I am a Photographer, Artist, Designer and Collectible Dealer from New York City, and now in

San Diego California. I'm a Maker, Builder and Creator of things. I aim to provide cool, quality

Photography, Art, T-Shirts, Collectibles and more at affordable prices. My goal is to continue to grow

and evolve, and to keep offering fresh, new, unique and creative stuff as often as possible. My work

and services are available for personal and business use. Contact me with any and all inquiries.