The Brand:

I have set up a brand called CRAMD, which stands for Coastal Rebels And Mainland Deviants, aka Creative Rebellion Against Mainstream Designers. I am a Photographer, Artist, Designer and Entertainer, a Maker, Builder and Creator of things. I'm here to provide cool, quality Photography, Art, T-Shirts, Entertainment and more at affordable prices. My goal is to continue to grow and evolve, and to keep offering fresh, new, unique and creative stuff as often as possible.

Originally from New York City & Jersey City, I have an extensive background in the Photography, Art, Fashion, Music, TV and Film Industries, phew, I know right. Additionally, I have always been big into all things Travel, Adventure, Pop Culture, Surf, Skate, Snow, BMX, and Action Sports, which are big parts of the clothing side of what I do. After time on the Jersey Shore and New York City, followed by Nashville, TN and Rehoboth Beach, DE, I have switched coasts to San Diego, California where I've set up shop to bring you my Photography, Art and T-Shirts.

I have had my Art and Photography featured in exhibitions, magazines and newspapers, sold in galleries, on websites and to businesses, and my T-Shirts sold in various stores. Some notable work includes Art for Disney, Photography for Outdoor Delaware Magazine, T-Shirts for celebrity events, and Writing for the number one radio station in New York City. My work and services are available for personal or business use, contact me and let's talk about what I can do for you or your business.

The Logo:
The logo started with my T-Shirt brand and is a combination of a few things. The left part of the logo is designed to resemble the side of a hill and mountain, as well as a combination of a Skateboard and BMX ramp, and a Ski and Snowboard slope, representing land. The right part of the logo is designed to resemble a wave forming into the letter C, for CRAMD of course, representing the sea. It represents land & sea, the mainland & the coast, adventure, yin & yang, balance, life, energy, the seasons, and all that good stuff. See how it all ties together, it’s all connected. Plus it kind of looks pretty cool too, so there you go.

I am all about color but appreciate a nice, classic black and white. I started my Photography journey with strictly black and white film, and as the times changed and the world went digital, so did I. I now shoot all color digital, with the occasional black and white for old times sake. I like to experiment, play with light, play with angles, create photos that aren’t there, shooting natural Photography and partly staged Photography. I shoot a lot of landscape to seascape to cityscape, nature to wildlife, to more artsy and creative shots, capturing awesome moments in time during my life's journey, sharing and offering them to the world along the way. I work in both Fine Art and Commercial Photography, Events, Note Cards and Greeting Cards, and am planning Books, Calendars, Coasters and more.

All Photography for sale as Prints and Note Cards with more to come, contact me for any pricing, size or custom work questions. I offer all of my images displayed in black and white also. Looking for something you don't see, contact me, I probably have it! Images as shown are for portfolio purposes, color may differ slightly than depicted, Prints purchased may be cropped to fit the size ordered, the majority of the image will be preserved but there may be some cropping to fit the size ordered.

I design for the young and old, the cool and those who wanna be cool. I am not branding my Clothing Line as an exclusive Surf, Skate, Snow, BMX, Action Sports brand. It's not exclusively this or that. It's an alternative, independent label. I make what I like and what I think you’ll like. I make clothes for people who wear clothes. So take your shirt off and put mine on.

This is a brand definitely influenced by Surf, Skate, Snow, BMX, and Action Sports, but it's also influenced by Film, TV, Comedy, Rock and Roll, Hip Hop, Electronica, New Wave, and Pop Culture. Additionally, I am inspired by and incorporate other Sports, Art, different cultures from around the world, beach life, city life, and overall coolness. I am not cornering the brand into any specific style. I want to make clothes for everyone and anyone, guys, girls, adults, teens, surfers, skaters, snowboarders, bmx’ers, action sportsters, rockers, hip hoppers, the cool and even the not so cool, we’ll make ‘em cool once they start wearing CRAMD! Everyone wears clothes, wear mine. Made by humans for humans. Unisex tees for a unisex world.


From an early age I’ve been inspired by, enjoyed and admired the likes of Artists ranging from Jackson Pollock to Andy Warhol, Van Gogh to Monet, Walt Disney to Chuck Jones, Matt Groening to Stan Lee,  and Tim Burton to Wes Anderson. My art style is Modern Contemporary Abstract Art with Celestial and Oceanic Influences. I do a lot of acrylic and mixed media Art work on canvas, wood, and anything else that I can find to make a good pallet and canvas. I also do Graphic Design, sketching, drawing, and create original characters. For my paintings I use mostly acrylic and spray paint. I use graphic design to bring my sketches and drawings to life.

Artwork shown is for portfolio purposes and color may differ slightly than depicted. All of my Artwork is for sale, and I can be commissioned to do custom work. Contact me for info and to see if a piece you may want is sold or still available, if sold I can create a similar work as each piece is one of a kind, hand painted and unique.

Entertainment & Media

Along time ago in a galaxy far far away, I attended College and studied TV, Film, and Radio. I went on to work in Radio, Music and TV, including independently contracted jobs ranging from Modeling to Brand Ambassador and Spokesperson gigs, Promotional, Advertising, Marketing, Business and Brand Development, Social Media, and Event Management work. Then I began working on and developing my own projects, story lines for Short Stories, Books, Animated Shorts, Film, as well as Song Writing, Music Production, Modeling, Acting, Voice Overs and more.

As you can see I'm working on a lot, little by little, as often as I can. The Entertainment portion of what I do is mostly independently contracted work for other companies right now. I Write, handle Photography & Events, Consulting, Social Media, and other Entertainment and Media related projects, but I will release more of my own works through time.


Collectibles for sale through the eBay link at the top of the page.

If you want to learn more, are interested in working with, collaborating with, or hiring me for any projects, contact me.